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We would love to come along side with you and help you in your spiritual walk.  We have coaches and athletes that would love to get involved in your life.  Hit the read more tab to find out about our commitment to Bible study.  Then go to the "Join Today" tab and let us know you are out there.  We will contact you and and help you anyway we can.


We have video's of our team on-line so you can see the face of the people you are communicating with.  Check out the short McSermon's and hit the "Join Today" tab so we help with your walk with Jesus.



If your a coach, current athlete, or a post-athlete, let us know you want to make an impact on your team or in your community. The Impact Team intentionally prays for and invests time and treasure into other coaches and athletes they come in contact with. Hit the "Join Today" button and become apart of the Impact Team.

Connecting Coaches and Athletes
We just want to know who you are and how we can help!

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