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Dear Athlete or Coach,

The SIMPLE Mentoring Sponsorship program is based on the idea of intentional relationship ministry.  SIMPLE will sponsor a coach, athlete or post-athlete and provide them a 25$ gift card every month to promote the possibility of intentional relationship evangelism.  First of all in relationship evangelism you must earn the right to be heard, spending time and treasure with people that God has put in your path.  When the opportunity arises we hope that evangelism will take place and the added opportunity to enter into a mentoring relationship.


If your are a coach or athlete and you are committed to relationship ministry contact us and apply for sponsorship status. We would love to come along side with you and help you with your ministry.


If you are a coach or athlete and you are looking for a mentor to help you with your relationship with God and those you come into contact with go to the "Contact" page and tell us how we can help.

Give'm Heaven

Ron Mondt

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