Impact Coaches

Coaches have a target on their back in today's culture!  Coaches are the first authoritative figures many young people and parents come into contact with. 


In our culture today what is modeled to our youth from parents regarding coaches?


Too many times, this scenario is repeated daily in American youth sports. Parents first bad mouth the coach and if the coach does not give in to their wishes then they pull their kid from the team or school. Our worse the parents try to band together and get rid of the coach. Meanwhile, their young person is watching and learning how to deal with an authoritative figure.

It is truly a hard time to be a coach, we want to bless you as a Christian coach.


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Commit to being an Impact Coach:

Show a Christ-like unconditional love for all

those you come into contact with:

Your Spouse

Your Students

Your Staff

Your School

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1. You will receive a "Coaches of Impact" license to carry with you. To remind you of why you are on the yellow bus or waiting for a player's parents who are late.

2. You will also receive a certificate you can hang in your classroom. Hopefully to be a conversation starter with students and other teachers.

3. If you so desire we will connect you with mentor coaches and teachers that can help in so many ways.  Just someone to talk to when the storms of life hit.