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This is a question that every athlete will face. It will define his or her career, it will define their relationships, it will define their life.  From the time most elite athletes are in middle school, they have been told who they are. They are gifted beyond their peers, they are blessed beyond belief and they are worthy of all the attention.  The elite athlete knows exactly who they are; they are everything that everybody has told them to be. If their lucky they will get paid to be who they are, if they are really lucky, they can play the role for more than a few years.

But many elite athletes are unknown, they have a balance sheet, they have investments, they have an entourage, they have a lawyer, they have relationships, and they are known through the land. Yet they don't know who they truly are.  They won't know until the cash or adoration stops. When the revenue and popularity stop the SELF SAFARI begins.

Who will be left to assist the lost sole in their SELF SAFARI, who will validate someone who looks like someone who was famous for a while?

We are here to help you and validate you as you take your own SELF SAFARI. Looking for the big cat that is rarely seen. 

If you so desire we will connect you with a mentor athlete that has gone through Post Athlete Recovery. Just somebody to talk to!

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